Albert Einstein by Gheorghe Virtosu -Oil painting-

How did you come to realise you have a gift of artist?

God's gift or how to deal with frustration

The Gift of Artist, as I see it, is the value of creativity and its importance in a culture.

One could say all talents and spiritual gifts are gift from God name. He can use talents and spiritual gifts to fulfill His purposes. Someone could say that a gift or talent is a fortuitous expression of a combination of genes inherited from your parents, allowing you to undertake some human activity with greater ease and scope, than other humans. Either way sounds great.

From any distance, the difference is objectively undetectable. As god's gift is the talent with an overlay of imagination on top.

Ever since I can remember, when something upset me I used to hide away and put down in drawing all my frustrations and unhappiness, before I set the paper on fire. To my child’s mind, that was the best revenge I could have on the injustices which life threw at me and on those who did them. I never thought, however, that I would become a writer or an abstract artist.

My artistic gifts were brought forward by one of the greatest punishments one can imagine: the loss of freedom. That was the end of my life as I had known it, and the beginning of my artistic destiny forged in solitude.

Loneliness singled me out of the crowd and cut me down to size, like a jeweller polishes a diamond in the rough to turn it into a gem.

A close scrutiny of excellence, however, reveals that our edge — our particular genius — is precise. We each have specific areas where we consistently stand out, where we can do things, see things, understand things, and learn things better and faster than ten thousand other people can. When we find ourselves in these areas – our strengths “zone”, if you will – we are magnificent. That is what happens when your skills, knowledge, talents, and strengths come together to form the one unique thing you can do, i call it - got talent.

An interviewer once asks, “Is genius something that you can grow into? Or is that just all part of the exploration?”
The answer was: “Yeah. I think that’s how genius works. You’re born with it. And then you grow into it.” For me, whether it’s exploration or growing into it, it is still part of unknown.

Gheorghe Virtosu
December 6, 2017