Do you follow certain stages in your creative process?
February 24, 2018

I find the beginning of any project or writing the most exciting part of it: when an idea is so powerful that it needs to come into the world and take on a life of its own.

Artist talk on art - Creative process

I could identify three stages in my creative process.

Stage one

Stage one is the powerful idea that has to take life or critical stress point as I call it. Happens instant however my brain has to process it for few months so it is taking shape.

I thought up most of my themes and characters in a prison cell, but due to my circumstances at that point, I could only rough-draft them. Once I had my freedom back, I started developing them allowing each character and story to grow and become an entity in their own right.

Nursed by Loneliness in the first place, my paintings eventually weaved together fiction and reality in order to become the finite work that I put forward today. Having gained their freedom of expression, my works sometimes change from their original version of their own accord, while I am painting.

My characters are entitled to make demands on the way their destiny plays out and I always listen to them.

If you are asking me whether I follow a strict painting planning, the answer is no. I rely on inspiration which every moment brings forth.

Stage two

Sketching is instant as rather my mind than hand is putting it on paper. My works are part of a coding, a method of processing my experiences. I start sketching in blue and red pen on white paper, a story-coding style I have developed while meditating in my youth and military.

Stage three

As the process continues I get to stage three that has to steps, step one — sometimes slowly over a year or two, oftentimes in dreams I add texture to the original sketch.

Step two canvas, the final stage may take few months to see the colors as my mind is processing possible combinations.Sometimes the subconscious returns me back to a stage where I had the impulse not to consult with.

Engaging with all kind of challenges at different levels, I maintain my integrity of spirit and also gain new perspectives. Finally, time comes to fit the frames. The moment of joy, followed by the next quest.

When tasted flight, one cannot stop!

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