What are your aspirational values as far as your work is concerned?
November 7, 2018

Considering a value one must first come to terms with the fact that, when properly practiced, values inflict pain.

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The debasement of values is a shame, not only because the resulting cynicism poisons the cultural well but also because it wastes a great opportunity. Values can set someone apart from others by clarifying its identity and serving as a rallying point for followers.

Coming up with strong values - and sticking to them - requires real guts.

Values limit freedom and constrain the behavior. Values are open to heavy criticism for even minor violations and demand constant vigilance.

If you’re not willing to accept the pain real values incur, don’t bother going to the trouble. You’ll be better off without. But if you have the fortitude to see the effort through, it is imperative implementing.

Aspirational values are those I need to succeed in the future but currently lack. I may need to develop a new value to support a new strategy or to meet new requirements. I have built my foundation on my core values and I am careful not substitute an aspirational value for a core one. Do not get me wrong, I am a dreamer, like most people are!

People frequently confuse timeless values—what you truly believe and have always believed at a deep core level—with aspirations of what you’d like to see become in the future.

I may have such an aspiration, but if I am honest with myself, the place to put it is in the vivid description aspect of the Envisioned Future. I tend not to mix future aspirations into my true reality, as this may create justifiable cynicism and destroy the power of my core values.

As far as my artistic work is concerned I never held recognition in the world of art, respectively I should not put high expectations into the list of core values, even if I see it as vital for future.

Instead, I make it part of my Envisioned Future, an aspirational value that I want to stimulate progress toward.

I like to think that my works hold the ability to reach out to my readers or viewers, and in return they can relate to the characters and situations described in my works.

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