Artistic expression - Gheorghe Virtosu
October 27, 2018

I do agree my imagery can be puzzling and other-worldly but my characters — tell much of the world of which they are part of. The world of complexity and variable motivations in which we all live our lives.

Artists talk on art - Artistic expression

The art i create reveals a message or an idea, involving a performer, that is usually the artist, with an engaging audience viewing the work of art. Many artists are highly idiosyncratic as they express themselves in a unique and tactful way.

If we are to discuss artistic expression, my art is, in all ways, a close expression of myself: my thoughts, my emotions, my actions and reactions to life in general…

This art is particularly stimulating or striking - it has to capture a subject and incorporate a message.

Each piece is singular, yet each carries a genuine complexity of meaning within which can be found the means to decipher the image itself. My work is rooted in exploring the various aspects of my own personality and reflections that capture characteristics both positive and negative, from a ruthless focus on survival to an ethereal appreciation of life’s mystery and beauty. Some kind of intelligent art. There is small amount of intelligent and figurative work amidst many bland exhibits.

Peculiar to art I create would be art themes like existence origin, political history, transgender, war, superpowers of the world, great world personalities, nations and civilizations, great human dangers, progress makers, religion and its roots, female personalities, woman, world religions and philosophies, comic performers and fool characters, great world masters, disappointment, life around, royal, ugliness of power, national themes, political theory, love, immigration, transition forms, good and bad, patience, endurance and struggle, time, stars, new age of the strange, rebellious, soul-searching and contemplation, failure of expectations...

The journey of the artist is an interesting one, with its twist and turns challenging the medium. The art hit due to a controversy induced by the artist, a protest, an idea or a message.

It influences the political attitude towards. Although it does not directly address the issue, it assists in the articulation of the situation society faces.

Along with other contemporary movements, we slowly embrace social change with more understanding sentiments and hospitable tendency towards progress.

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